Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ruth Suckow Website Updated

Hi all,

With some help from Mike, I have added a few updates to the official Suckow website.

Some pesky pictures on the gravesite page now show up correctly! There is also a new section at the bottom, honoring Ferner Nuhn. We were able to go to the cemetary with Barbara and took some photos of Ferner's stone, just installed this Spring. It matches that of Ruth and her father beautifully. It brought all of us such a sense of satisfaction to see those three stones in a row, and FINALLY know that Ruth is buried between the two men who were so important to her in life: her father and her husband.

Notice too several updates on the home page:

First, we realized that the link for Country People was too big to download very efficiently. So, I broke it down into four parts, matching the organization of Suckow's book. The links are now posted.

Second, there is a link to Mike's new Wikipedia entry on Suckow under the Resource page link.

I will undoubtedly do a better job of posting on the blog and not make as many changes to the official website; however, it is wonderful to hear from people who discover our organization through both! I would like to think that Ruth--who was both pragmatic and a woman of her times--would approve.

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