Friday, October 19, 2007

ILA Presentation -- October 11th, 2007

Iowa Library Association
(ILA) Conference


Cultivating Iowa Authors: Preserving, Planning, & Promotion
A Presentation for the Iowa Library Association--October 11, 2007

Here we are in Coralville last week -- Mike Dargan, Barbara Lounsberry, & Cherie Dargan (upper left) and here is a picture of part of our audience (upper right). Our presentation dealt with the topic of preserving Iowa authors and gave librarians a number of ideas to consider for what to do with books that have an Iowa connection. As part of the presentation, we did a brief reading from Ruth Suckow's short story, “A Rural Community.”

If you want to see the materials from our presentation, they are posted on the Ruth Suckow website,

Cultivating Iowa Authors:
Preservation, Planning, & Promotion

Power point presentation (and notes in Word)

Ideas for Cultivating Iowa Authors

Projects for Library/School Partnerships

Iowa Collections: A Foundational List of 50 Texts

Anniversary Dates of Famous Iowa Authors & Books

Iowa Books Available in Multiple Copies (for book groups)

The “Iowa Time Slices” Humanities Iowa Reading/Discussion Series

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